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The lay of the land. The fold of the forest. The view of the water. So many things to consider as you carve your niche into the pristine splendor of your building site.

A home in harmony with nature is the life you’ve dreamt of. To include, but not intrude. To live well, embrace the wild, and savor the best of both. We understand. And we’ll help you do just that.
M&M Landscaping & Excavating is fully-equipped, bonded and insured to perform all types of excavating for projects large and small. If you have need of any of the excavation services listed below, we invite you to call to discuss your project and allow us to offer a bid.
  Digging & Drilling
  Earth Moving
 Lot Clearing
  Brush Cutting & Tree Trimming
  Tree & Stump Removal
  Site Preparation & Grading
  Basement & Footing Excavation
  Road & Driveway Construction
  Road & Driveway Grading & Graveling
 Right-of-way Maintenance
  Culvert Installation
  Building Demolition
  Dump Truck Services
  Dirt Screening
  Soil Compaction
  Food Plot Establishment



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